5 Ways to Become an Online Shopping Pro in Malaysia

The e-commerce industry in Malaysia is growing, and drastically too. Statistic reports that revenue in Malaysia’s e-commerce market amounts to US$1.121m in 2017. This shows not only huge potential growth for Malaysia but also proves that the e-commerce market is working very well too.

Online shopping has also moved from desktop to mobile thanks to us always being glued to our smartphones, and while online shopping may seem simple, there are a couple of tricks one could learn to be able to master the art of spending on the world wide web.


Wait for Big Sale Seasons

5 Ways to Become an Online Shopping Pro in Malaysia

This is without a doubt every pro shopper’s mantra. Just like traditional offline shopping, try not to shop during any other period unless it’s absolutely necessary. Big online stores like Lazada are known for having big sales during festive seasons and also major worldwide sale periods like Black Friday.

It’s also during sales like these when customers get to enjoy lots of benefits such as flash sales, free shipping, free gifts with purchase and lucky draws just to name a few. Discounts can even go up to a whopping 90% during these sales so make sure to save up and shop during the sale.


Make Full Use of Voucher Codes

5 Ways to Become an Online Shopping Pro in Malaysia

Many shoppers are still unaware of the existence of these virtual coupons, and this means they’re missing out on lots of savings. One such reliable coupon code website here in Malaysia is ShopCoupons. They feature the latest promo codes from your favorite local and international web-stores in order to help provide shoppers with additional discounts.

Digital voucher codes are seemingly simple to use, you just need to copy, say, the Lazada voucher code shown on the website and paste it into the “promo code” section of Lazada’s checkout page. Voila – extra savings checked!


Take Advantage of Bank Cards5 Ways to Become an Online Shopping Pro in Malaysia

Here in Malaysia, it is commonplace for banks to form partnerships with renowned online stores. For example, Maybank cardholders get to enjoy an extra RM15 off their shopping at Lazada provided they pay with their Maybank credit or debit card every Wednesday.

At 11street, Maybank cardholders get to download and use an 11% discount coupon to enjoy additional savings on their shopping, also provided they pay with their Maybank card. These are only a few examples of the many bank promotions scattered across Malaysian online stores which can surely come in handy during shopping days.


Don’t Forget to Compare Prices

5 Ways to Become an Online Shopping Pro in Malaysia

Just like offline shopping, it’s best to compare across stores before making the final decision. However, unlike traditional shopping, you’re not required to walk from store-to-store. You’ll just need to sit in your favorite armchair and probably open multiple tabs to compare across several websites.

Some products can be found for cheaper if you really conduct your research. A neat trick would be to look for websites which provide free shipping as delivery can get quite costly depending on the item you’re purchasing. Also take into consideration those who give you complimentary gifts with purchase because who doesn’t love free gifts?


Keep Yourself Updated


As we spend most of our time on social media, it would be good to “like” your favorite online stores’ Facebook page(s) to ensure that you’re up-to-date on their latest promotions and sale periods. Most online stores also have mobile apps so that you can enjoy shopping on-the-go.

Just allow notifications and you can be rest assured that you will be notified whenever there is an upcoming sale. Also don’t forget to subscribe to their newsletters as many online stores tend to send exclusive preview sales and members-only invites. More exclusivity, more sales, more savings!


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