10 Ways to Revamp Your Style In 2019: Fashion Trends!

As soon as we step in the New Year, it signals a fresh start of new adventures, renewed goals, and new fashion trends. We know fashion trends are all about staying one step ahead of the previous one because it’s never too early to think about the upcoming style. If you love staying up-to-date with the latest trends then the blog post is for you.

10 Ways to Revamp Your Style In 2019: Fashion Trends!

According to the fashion prediction, 2019 will be a season of contrasts and aesthetically appealing styles. You can expect the year to be full of the resurgence of nostalgic favourites such as tie-dye, tight pleats, bike shorts, flared playsuits and so on.

As we have already stepped into the New Year, a new chapter of fashion trends has already begun. While the equilibrium remains undistributed between the new ideas and old beliefs in the fashion industry, designers are seeking sky-high hopes this year. In other words, 2019’s fashion will be promising a list of stunning concepts which will be extravagant for all fashion enthusiasts. To buy trendy fashion online at reasonable rates, you must avail Zalora promo code.

As we know the world of fashion is just like an oasis which constantly demand of cool breeze and fresh waters, there are many ways with the help of which you can revamp your style without many efforts. Below are some fashions staples, we’ll be seeing in 2019. Scroll through to take a look at it-


1 # Tie Dye!

As the fashion industry is surprised with the recurrence of 60s print, the Tie Dye fashion is back with a bang and there’s no wonder that it will be one of the most demanding summer staples in 2019. The trend will definitely take you back to your childhood days of bleached T-shirts and hippy prints. The vibrancy and colourful appeal of these tie-dyed garments can greatly elevate your overall look smartly.


2 # Sequins Jumpsuits!

Especially for winter when a sparkly mini dress is hard to carry for holiday parties, Sequin jumpsuit is a perfect outfit to choose for such situations. You will find many options available in this style that is equally practical and festive, both at the same time. The demand for sequin jumpsuit has increased over the past few months and you will definitely be going to see this fashion trend in 2019.


3 # Craftwork!

As the temperature rises, it is expected to see more of artisanal craft details with minimal silhouettes. Since crafty fabrications were all over the runways previous year, you’ll definitely be going to see some of the really unique and finest artistic craftwork on street this year. Fashion-forward women can go for crisp white shirt designed artistically to flaunt your shoulders, while fashionable men, can opt for faux fur hoodie t-shirts or shoes with wings.


4 # Pastels and Neon!

“2019’s colour of the season will be any bright shade of neon”, says Larroude. It will be a great investment if you expand on a small cross body bag in the neon shade, just to get the exact touch of the trend. Besides this, pastels will also be a big hit this year. The shades are feminine, softer and eye-pleasing and will often be found on the street. For men, on the other hand, there are many options to choose from pastel shade printed shirts or they can simply go for a neon side-stripe trousers and joggers for casual look.


5 # Utility Dressing!

10 Ways to Revamp Your Style In 2019: Fashion Trends!

Utility dressing is a trend where function meets fashion in the most stylish form. In 2019, you will get to see an abundance of Khaki, cotton drill, cargo pants, and patch pockets. To revamp your style this year, you must try a boiler suit which is efficiently cool and comfortable, both at the same time. Utility dressing is all about how well any particular outfit serve the purpose of being both stylish as well as practical at the same time.


6 # Oversized Jackets!

In 2019, you will bid goodbye to strong shoulders and padded jackets, instead, you’ll be seeing more of over-sized and cost jackets. A great staple for winters, over-sized jackets will keep you warm and comfortable. The loose silhouette of such jackets will cover you up completely. Most of the high-fashioned men prefer to wear over-sized jackets as they are super cool and comfortable to wear all day long.


7 # Off-The-Shoulder Silhouettes!

2018 was all about to cold-shoulder detailing, but in 2019 you will be seeing a little more modern version of sleeve detailing trend. The stylish strapless looks will help you steal the show without many efforts. Moreover, if you love to flaunt your silky smooth shoulders, then this style is for you. It can be said that the style is a transition towards a more fun and modern silhouette.


8 # Bike Shorts!

If you are a fitness freak or simply love to keep things minimal and classy, then bike shorts are a great option to choose. From the trendy printed shorts to single-tone ones, you will get to see a whole lot of varieties of this fashion staple. While buying bike shorts online make sure you grab JD Sports discount code to enjoy amazing offers and discounts.


9 # Futuristic Trainers!

Another must-have fashion staple for fitness freaks is futuristic trainers. These high-end trainers, not only looks stylish and trendy but are extremely versatile and functional. These are perfect gym-to-coffee-date footwear you can ever wear. Fitness freaks, it is must-have sports footwear, if you are into more of running for long miles than exercising for short period of time.


10 # Flared Dressing!

Another versatile and cool trendy, you will be seeing in 2019 is flared dressing. Be it crop tops, dresses, play-suits,trousers or jeans, you will find a whole lot of flared dressing variety this year. Flared dressing trend is super-cool and comfortable especially for people who love loose-fitting silhouettes. Earlier the fashion trend was just meant for women, but in 2019, you will find even men dressed up in flared or ball-bottom styled trousers and denim.

So, this is it with the quick review of trendy fashion staples, you’ll be incorporating into your wardrobe to stay up with the latest fashion in 2019.


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